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African American Software baby picAfrican American software for family and community is available here. Sign-Up for a list of free trial packages.

We are the world's most authoritative source for black software and ethnic software. is an African-American owned organization dedicated to producing and promoting ethnic software. is Boston based. We license, distribute, produce, position, and market ethnic software and black software, in fact, we defined what black software is for the Wikipedia Online Dictionary.

A tiny company in Mauritus released these black emoticons before Apple did it, said @okayafrica.
emoticons of black people has delivered over 1,000 trial packages, booked 500+ orders, and added fifteen hundred sign-ups to our private client file. The early adopters gave us valuable feedback about what to add to our product line road maps. We've established blackSoftware as a new genre - a culturally diverse category of software, and diversity is a valuable asset in products today. Black Enterprise magazine recommended when a reader asked their editor where to look for educational software for a young African-American child.

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Multi-platform Apps for Apple IOS and Microsoft Windows 10 is the consumer software breakthrough of 2015 in our opinion. The new operating systems have given software developers a bigger opportunity. Its because one new software app for Windows 10 is going to run on Microsoft phones, tablets and PCs. And new software apps for Apple are going to run on the new Apple TV, iPads, IPhones, and Apple's laptop and desktop systems. example: as your smartphone plays a game on your way home, when you there you can switch over to a big screen TV (with AppleTV 4 or a PC connected W10 laptop) and continue where you left off.

African American software products lagged behind the 1981 IBM PC revolution. African American engineer and IBM Fellow Dr. Mark Dean worked with hardware. His genuis discovery was used in the circuit architecture of the early IBM PC models. AfroLink software was perhaps the first Afro-American software company to make an Afro-Centric product and get noticed.

On this site, you will find the first Black software advertising brochure ever composed for a software package.

You can try SUNGO - a PC game from Africa that test mathematical logic in a quaint, fanciful manner. All together, we distribute over 15 PC games made by African American programmer and many are card games such as BidWhist, Checkers.

blackSoftware, Inc.'s WIKIPEDIA DEFINITION - the proposal and rationale for adding words "BLACKSOFTWARE" AND "ETHNIC SOFTWARE" to the online paragraph that defines applications software, argued before eight WikiPedia Editors.

ethnic image on a box

the software brand named MAVIS BEACON. She is a real Black woman.

She could be the first Black woman ever pressed onto a mass market software box. Mavis was introduced to the software market by a guy with an idea in California. Here's her story. Do you remember what it was like the first time you used a typewriter? I do. My high school had a room full of IBM Selectric typewriters and we were put in there to stay out of trouble. Most people never learn how to properly type but our school made us do it.

That was before Mavis Beacon software came out. The Mavis Beacon Typing tutor product changed how everyone would use computers. She made them master the keyboard. The Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing software title began selling in 1985. The face on the retail box package was adapted from a model and Haitian-born Renee Lesperance, a Black woman who was discovered by one of the software developers at Saks 5th Avenue in 1995 at Beverly Hills, California. Ms Lesperance's face became the symbol of Mavis. She was chosen because the software developer's favorite singer is Mavis Staples and Renee reminded him of her.

Software types

blackSoftware is code, text, images and multimedia that is actively representing African-American and Black peoples lives and culture when expressed with computerized pencils, software code, and colorful electronic crayons.


blackSoftware categories are software games,Black fine art in digital forms, clip art, vectors and illustrations, multimedia titles, interactive educational software for computers, phones and tablets, tutoring packages, language arts software, programming tools, SaaS based products and services, and more.

ASHAWARE'S AfroCentric Software Suite Version 5.0 review is released and I wrote A REVIEW of the product.


Black clip art as a category is not to be confused with black and white clip art. I'm referring to Black and in Black people's cultural clip art includes. You know what I mean when you consider how different Black people can be. They walk, talk and stand differently. These subtle nuances are seen in Black Clip art - the Afro-American versions, and they are different images than common black and white clip art illustrations.

Black clip art at
Black clip art of a Black woman dancing on a record album
Black clip art fashion model image
DJANGO image ideas from the collection

Download Black Fine Art Screensavers - here

We have two Black Fine Art Screensavers. The artist Paul Goodnight had a version created in the 1990s. The downloadable / CityLightsSoftware version features ing created of famous African American painters. Its available today.

Users pushed our first African American software screensaver into viral distribution. Many saw it on coworkers desk screens in offices around the country. There they were, cubicle to cubicle, side by side, beautiful black fine art popping off the office desktop screens in many a company. This visual image caused others to want to download the product.

Download Software GAMES for PC

Black software games for PC
Apps for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices are picking up where PC games left off, but the console game market is stronger than ever.
Sign-Up - for GAMES. We'll send you something to test out.

Black Boston souvenir shopBoston souvenirs of African American distinction.


Get a copy of 2015 Antivirus - DOWNLOAD IT -- Symantec Antivirus for 3 computers - $19

Find Your Roots, Search for your ancestry.

Family Tree Maker Deluxe

Famous African American men and women had their roots discovered on the TV show Finding Your Roots. Now you can go as far back as may be possible with this program. But family records for African American decendants of Africans are very very rare. Although we know the first church in Dorchester Massachusetts recorded the baptism of an African slave woman from Angola in 1641, its rare to find records of your decendants dating back to the beginning of the American slave industry, when the first African slaves were recorded seen in Virginia in 1619.

Black Clip Art Reviewed

The URBAN CLIP ART kit includes 350 Black clip art color images. Image types are Black church clip art, business clip art, fashion clip art, latino clip art and hip hope clipart.

Black womanBlack clip art
african american software images

The product is shrink-wrapped in a sturdy well-illustrated package. You can immediately begin selecting images and copying them onto your work after you open it. All you do is drag and drop images where you need them. There's no additional software to install.

The disc has 4 folders named urban clip art in JPG, PNG and WMF and a folder named Urban Templates and a file titled "License.rtf."

Feeling adventurous, I chose the View Them as a Slide Show disc insertation pop-up option. After a few seconds, one image appeared,stayed on the screen for seconds, then another clip art image appeared. The slide show was on! It was time to sit back and watch the images fly by to get a feel for you'll get.

About the Images

I took in the first twenty images, turned and climbed back into this review I'm writing to tell you what I saw so far. The first twenty images were people represented equally by men and women. Not one of the first 20 images of people was younger then 20. Most likely there are clip art images of children on the disc, but I hadn't seen them yet.

One image sticks out in my head as very memorable. It was the clip art image of a Black woman with a bush of gold colored hair. She could have easily been Hispanic, Latino, African-American, Indian, White, Black Jewish, or mixed. It was a side view of her and the bush was a big as Angela Davis's bush. Now, the men clip art images were not recognizable men, in my opinion. Its been my experience that people who are shopping for clip art have an idea of what they are looking for and aren't too willing to choose from the vanguard unless their creative work demands it.

I hear people tell me they don't want cartoonish-looking characters. People that do are unique in's Black clip art client universe. At least, it has not been the norm for our followers to want a stem-winder of an image. The more the artwork is like a real person from around the neighborhood or across town, the more likely people will want it. On this disc, the images of men and most women in the first twenty pieces were stemwinders.

Most of the characters were unusual. I had to stretch my imagination to see how I could use any of these hip-hop type urban clip art images in creative work I'm likely to work with.

EUREKA! I've discovered a perfect pitch for the stem winders. Consider using them to replace your social media profile pics when you want a change.

Traditionally, my interest is in print and web image use. I don't think the first batch of clip art images I am viewing relate to hip-hop or hipster culture, but they try. I think they are relating to the characters you see in a Fat Albert cartoon tv show or in a Flintstones comic book. They don't look like real people - the artist knows that these are visual examples of what he saw or was instructed to draw. I'm looking for images that look like real people in life. Let's keep looking.

Now, I'm excited!! I've rolled through the next 30 images on the disc. I see some exciting images among them. They appear after the two image panels titled "mind" and "spirit" as the slide show cntinues. There are at least 6 really good ones in that set and they are equally divided between men and women.

Take a look at these images:

- Black man image

- Black woman image

There are more adult images than children on the CD.

The Urban Clip Art product has 350 images and 10 design templates. Considering the above, we have reviewed the first 60 clip art images of the 350 total in the product. We are not covering the templates in this review. We're stopping here on content coverage. You can explore this product and I'll betcha you'll find items you like.

For more images, buy the product here.

Image Sizes - the Urban Clip Art product images are at least 2,550 pixels wide by 3,330 pixels high. Depending on their orientation they can be larger.

the license agreement

Now, we take a look at wording in the clip art disc license agreement file enclosed. We don't like its software license. There is no reason why anyone who sells content for a creative universe should include limitations on how they intend it to be used. The conflict is - the box cover describes what's in the box and how the software should be used while the license agreement disagrees with the freedom of its intended use.

Take a look at these parts of the Urban Clip Art package software license where it says: you may not use the software on or over a network ...skip. You may not copy the printed materials accompanying the Software or distribute printed copies of any user documentation provided in electronic format.....skip. And it says .. you may not publicly perform or publicly display the Software...

Where the license refers to "software," this is not software. Its a collection of files that have certain rights -- but, there is NO programming code in the package at all and software has programming code. There is no executable SETUP.EXE software installation file in the package. The publisher fails to consider how the product will be used when they selected the wording for the license they have enclosed.

This Urban Clip Art product "license agreement" should consider using a more appropriate license. Rather than read as it is, I like the one below that I wrote.

"This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to the manufacturer).

# the end.

reviewed by William Murrell

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