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Growing companies need software programmers because machines need to work fast and faster.

new job openings posted 10/06/2017

VECNA Robotics, Cambridge (click links to apply)

2018 Robotics Graduate Student Software Internship/Co-op

Automation Software QA EngineerA....NEW

Computer Vision Engineer

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Customer Implementation Project Manager, Robotics....NEW

Electrical Engineer 2018 New Grad

Software Engineer Patient Solutions ... NEW

VP Engineering/CTO...NEW

Quality Engineer/Pyrometry Supervisor - VIEW DESCRIPTION -- You will provide supervisory leadership, efficient management and creative problem solving, in the instrument service department. Assure Wyman-Gordon's Quality systems and procedures satisfy government and customer requirements, and assure compliance of product shipped to contractual requirements.

100% review of all instrument calibrations, system accuracy tests, and temperature uniformity surveys, Maintain a schedule of uniformity testing for all furnaces and ensure compliance, Involvement in all refractory and control repair decisions to determine testing requirements and other requirement exist in the full job description. VIEW description online

Custom software is the intellectual nerve center of growing companies. Many are breaking new territory and need new never seen before code. Others borrow from Open Source libraries and make something out of it. This modified software becomes an important asset to the company ASSET side of the balance sheet. Non-compete clauses are the middle road. They keep ideas from being exploited unfairly. Entry level coding in HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript, Phython and SQL is a skill in demand. The training is accessible. A do-it-yourselfer is free trianing site. is another great MOOC ( Multiple Open Online Course) providing free, managed instruction on software and just about every kind of subject you could imagine. Most people do better in training classes with peer help.

blacksoftware graphics Job openings for web developers, front-end, GUI and full-stack developers, iOS and Android software programmers, user and visual designers, data scientists, software engineers, software engineering interns, product managers, marketing and project management personnel go unfilled in Boston.

The new blackSoftware industry genre is coming along too. As we as a society ingest the Internet of Things, drones, machine learning, robotics deployment, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and become mass-market consumers of self-driving cars, there will be more job openings for skilled software coders than there are today.

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Our customers are hiring software developers, engineers, product managers, programmers, project managers, marketing people and more. Positions are available today. Connect with us to learn more about firms we service who are inclusion and diversity friendly. And, they pay very well, of course!

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VECNA Robotics
Cambridge, MA

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VECNA Robotics of Cambridge is hiring

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blackSoftware ethnic software Black Software examples

Black Girl Can Code

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Black Women in Tech are Lifestyle Leaders

Black Women driving diversity in blackSoftware industry creation - see below.

Attend a meeting with NSBE, the National Association of Black Engineers and who do you see? You meet Black Womenen in powerful positions at Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and they are barely thirty years old. Women are gaining power. The loud siren from global companies about bring diversity and inclusion to staff populations is largely influenced by Black women and women in general. This is good. It creates choice. One of Google's co-founders, the female who rented her garage out to Google founders to get rent money, said - "imagine if there were no women making movies or writing books. Don't this world know what it would be missing if that were the case? Well, that's the case in leadership roles at Google, Facebook, Hubspot and others like them. Men rule."



These beauty companies that make electronic software for the personal care industry are Black woman owned. Formed in the people rich urban cities of Massachusetts and New York, their companies have expanded to serve markets in Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia and others with large urban populations.

Black Men in Tech

The heads of the National Association of Black the NAACP, the Urban League and other organizations like them are Black men. Black men from the business sector were first to the blackSoftware industry making genre. Stories were written about men mounting the tech world in Black Enterprise magazine, the Black Forbes-like publication about Black-owned businesses. Founder stories are mostly about Black men doing things.

I AM BLACK BUSINESS ( in the App Stores )

And Blacks have made the Internet better than ever. Now African Americans and making black software products that are alternatives to popular brands.

The "I AM BLACK BUSINESS," app is Yelp-like electronic BLACK business directory running on smartphones and cloud servers. The makers are active in social media performing referral posts about the businesses they list. One feature of the app for travelers is you can be anythere in America and when you want to #buyblack you use the app to locate a barber, a plumber, a lawyer or the skill or trade you need in that location.

The third screen finally did materialize. The first screen was your desktop computer, the second screen is your laptop, now enter the smartphone -- the smallest and most revolutionary screen running computer software there is. Mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and electronic handpads provide more screens for the blackSoftware genre to grow and that's a good thing. It is too early to know when the NASA-like take off of this category of software is going to occur. Will it come from the underserved minority, income-restricted, multicultural neighborhood population? Will it blast off from a non-pro-fit entity? Will a brillant educator rise up, boosted by kids in the classroom that battle tested and drove the product viral? In September 2017 it is too early to tell which blackSoftware item is going to open the industry bulkhead for maker community at large.

On Wall Street, there are public traded companies run by Blacks. In TV and Radio, there is Radio One (NYSE:ROIA) founded in the DC Baltimore area by a woman. In the crucial network security business, there is Rapid 7 (NYSE:RPD), a Massachusetts based firm founded by an African Amercian male grad from MIT. Wall street. An African American from Hewlett Packard was there in the beginning, pushing Silicon Valley into the industrial atmosphere it has become today.

Blacksoftware Company black clip, CD ROM multimedia titles and black fine art screen savers were the first to enter the market and find the unique, fringe audience that cares about the product. The BlackSoftware Company also makes online platforms at AboutBlackBoston Online,,, and Roxbury.TV.

The web site has shipped software games made by Black and African programmers to hundreds of early adopter users around the world. Customer types range from community organizations, groups and schools to university food managers, corrections facilities, classrooms, and the black church community. Our goal is to create happy moments. By sharing information and developing African American software, apps, technology and other forms of creative property, we look forward to serving you for years to come.
blackSoftware character
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blackSoftware character
Blacksoftware is a genre. blacksoftware apps and ethnic software programs is a compliment to multi-cultural software categories, yet it goes further in definitions. Ethnic software embraces native culture. It has a market segment, a market target, and it is positioned within the digital revolution space for cross over appeal. At first, blackSoftware was made exclusively by American Blacks because we were the first to fill the need for it. Today, a creative thinker or skilled software coder can make a black Software product.

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african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece

african american software clip art piece


Sungo, an African counting software game is blackSoftware. Like Black literature, Black movies, and Black fine art - our individual and collective Black quest for internal acknowledgement of our inventions is germaine to our characters. This frees original thought. BlackSoftware is original matter. It comes from the Black Experience. It is a complete, authentic domain. It is a genre. "blackSoftware" as genre is a 21St century invention. It was formulated out of the interest for discovery using the pre-Internet AfroNet community and its users and sysop during the 80's and continued on the Go Afro forum built by American Vision magazine on CompuServe / AOL from 1994-1998. WikiPedia gatekeepers argued that blackSoftware is a NEOLOGISM, but this is not true.

In 2006, I asked the WikiPedia term approval panel to add the word "blackSoftware" and definition made here to the dictionary section where the word "Application Software" is sufficiently detailed. The panel ooked far and wide for references where they could find the term as I defined it, in use by at least three reference sources. They could not find the source. What luck!! Then the BlackSoftware word in context described here is something new! Timing is seldom perfect for invention.

blacksoftware logo

The word "Ethnic software" materialized during the Wikipedia deliberations. It was thought that came out of nowhere. I said Ethnic Software is a MASTER category of software including "blackSoftware," but it may be Yiddish, Greek, Creek, Cherokee, or Yiddish or Creole or whatever people speak. Ancient writings from Egypt is Ethnic Software? Probably. Well, computer software is a translation of what rests in human memory structure. But software is the physical manifestation of rules created in the human mind. Software is represented by symbols today, but it will be something else tomorrow that represents it. Ethnic software is Brazilian software. Its Arabic. Its Chinese and it looks like those languages. The Chinese use Social Media Networks different than Americans. Domestic users haven't caught on to stickers. In China, they are the rage and they share everything. Americans on social media put out what amounts to their ideal photoshopped example of their ideal being. Not all do it that way, but most do. In other cultures, they don't fake it as much.
What makes this Blacksoftware original and unique? You mean other than look and feel. Other than the emotion you get looking at these examples> Well, the story may be told differently, colored in the Black Experience. When you see that you know what I am talking about. The soul of software gives it identity. When something new comes to market, those useful identifiers are evolving.

Share this official definition of Blacksoftware/ethnic software.

Who convinced APPLE to add colored, ethnic software EMOTICONS to IOS version 8? Let's not clap for Apple yet for it was a tiny firm in Mauritus who made these black emoticons first said @okayafrica.

emoticons of black people inventor Baby Bubba

While continuing our product and customer developments, has delivered over 1,000 packages, booked 500+ orders, and added fifteen hundred sign-ups. Black Enterprise magazine recommended to their readers.

View a timeline we wrote covering African American Movement onto the Internet

Black Images r Software

In the age of questioning diversity in high tech, a Slack platform programmer was noticed for making a few observations with graphics like these.

African American cultural influence of the black software invention

We see a black hand on a smartphone and everybody knows what that is. But did you ever see a Black person standing in line at Ellis Island as the Irish, Germans, Italians and other European immigrants were being admitted to the United States? Of course you did if they were from Barbados but you would not have seen a BLACK person from Italy come through -- that is, not until you see it a blackSoftware product design.

The next image of boy in the middle is a derivative portrayal from an unknown artist about a black kid he or she sees among a sea of other kids. Images like this are likely to be used near Disney like brands. This is not the future look for authentic blackSoftware, but we get the picture.
African American cultural influence of the black software invention

Star Wars is back starring a black character in the lead. This is huge. New York Times best selling author Ta Nehisi, a 2015 MacArthur Genius award winner, wrote episodes for the Marvel comic book company.

In our archives is the first Black software advertising brochure ever made for a software package.

ethnic image on a box

Have you heard of Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor? MAVIS BEACON is a real Black woman.

The Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing software title began selling in 1985. The face on the retail box package was adapted from a model and Haitian-born Renee Lesperance, a Black woman who was discovered by one of the software developers at Saks 5th Avenue in 1995 at Beverly Hills, California.

Ms Lesperance's face became the symbol of Mavis. She was chosen because the software developer's favorite singer is Mavis Staples and Renee reminded him of her.

Black Church Clip Art, Black clipart, Black lifestyle images
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Black clip art at Blacksoftware.comBlack clip art of a Black woman dancing on a record albumBlack clip art fashion model image

African American art screen saver demo

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First African in Boston heritage line

Black Boston souvenir shopSee shirts of African American distinction.

ASHAWARE'S AfroCentric Software Suite Version 5.0 review is released and I wrote A REVIEW of the product.

Black Clip Art Reviewed

The URBAN CLIP ART kit includes 350 Black clip art color images. Image types are Black church clip art, business clip art, fashion clip art, latino clip art and hip hope clipart.

Black womanBlack clip art
african american software images

My full review of the first mass-market distributed ( Costco, OfficeMax, etc. ) blackSoftware product can be found here.

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